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New Zealand joins the IMMAF

The IMMAF is proud to present the first member federation from Oceania - New Zealand.  The New Zealand Mixed Martial Arts Federation is the result of a broad collaboration of individuals across the MMA community who have come together to bring the sport forward.

The NZMMAF consists of a group of 15 representatives who have come together from various parts of the New Zealand MMA community to start a federation and bring New Zealand into the IMMAF.  This group includes representatives from both the amateur and professional side; athlestes, referees, coaches, businessmen - united in a passion for the sport of MMA.

"I do know that this is definitely a great moment for MMA in New Zealand. The sport's growing exponentially and the general consensus amongst our members was that we needed to work together to assist that growth.
", says Vice President Nyra Phillips. "We want to see MMA be a part of every New Zealander's life, and when we looked at the IMMAF's core principles we felt they reflected our vision of where the sport can go, so becoming a member was a natural part of our process."
Last Updated on Sunday, 26 May 2013
All Kiwi Pro-Boxing Collision (Final Update)
By Staff Writer

On May 17th, Brice Ritani (now 3-2-1) lost by Unanimous Decision to fellow Kiwi Joseph Parker (now 5-0), in a Pro-boxing collision, in California.

Brice weighed in at 273lbs and Joseph at 233. Mark Engelbrecht Productions dis not televise or stream this match-up.

Initially seen as just a tune-up for Parker to get ready for South Africa's Francois Botha, Joseph may have bitten off a bigger challenge than was expected.
Last Updated on Sunday, 26 May 2013
UPDATE: Kate Da Silva china fight on-hold
By Staff Writer

UPDATE: New Zealand MMA fighter, Kate Da Silva, had her fight scheduled for May 11th in China cancelled due to the short amount of time available to get the Visa sorted. Kate will now have to wait to take her World Class MMA and Ju Jitsu skills to China.  

Kate is recognized as a premier Ju Jitsu practitioner and was ranked 13th in the world in Women's MMA.  Then it was time to take two years away from MMA competition to add her new son to the family (who will likely be a Ju Jitsu World Champion down the road).

Though a break from MMA, it was a time for Kate to fully focus on Ju Jitsu and she competed in the World Championships, in Las Vegas, in 2011. Then won the New Zealand Abu Dhabi Trials in 2011.

Kate Da Silva is 'World Class' and she is back!

Remember, "NZMMA, The more you know, the better it gets!" TM
Last Updated on Monday, 29 April 2013
Dylan "The Villain" vies for UFC 160 fight
By Staff Writer

New Zealand's Dylan "The Villain" Andrews was victorious in his fight at The Ultimate Fighter finale on Saturday, 13 April, in Las Vegas.

Now he is sending the message to UFC President Dana White that he wants to join his brothers Mark Hunt and James Te Huna on UFC 160, on May 25th, in Las Vegas.

Not only did he win his fight but his efforts during the competition also scored him "The TUF Fight of the Season"! Dylan is ready and wants to make UFC 160 the ultimate dream event for the Kiwi MMA faithful.

Behind the scenes ... when Mark Hunt and Jaimie Te Huna were announced on the Main Card of UFC 160, NZMMA Owner, Nyra Phillips, received heaps of phone calls from media outlets asking for help to contact them.  No worries, she helped them out.

But Nyra kept telling them, "Hey, seriously, this guy Dylan will be fighting in Vegas -- he's currently on TUF.  You should contact him also."  But, nobody was interested.

So, to all the big media outlets who are looking for the 'big' story -- ALL our New Zealand fighters are a big story.

UFC 160 will be epic for New Zealand's MMA community for sure! But, it will come and go and another event will takes it place and media outlets will miss the chance to report on other great athletes.

Their hard work, their life stories, their struggles to rise to the top. And with them? Their trainers, their team mates, their families.

To the media outlets that cover our great family of fighters ... keep it up!  To the outlets that don't ... you are missing out!

Remember, "NZMMA, The more you know, the better it gets!" TM

Last Updated on Thursday, 18 April 2013
'Princesses of Pain' Blazes The Way
By Staff Writer

For the past 13 years, New Zealand's 'Princesses of Pain" has been featuring the best of international women's Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) during epic fight nights, right here in Auckland.

Director Belinda Dunne has been a tireless visionary who has blazed the way for women's MMA long before putting female fighters on the card became fashionable for larger promotions.

In 2006, NZMMA came on the New Zealand MMA scene with a view of MMA from the U.S. perspective. 

Straight away we discovered 'Princesses of Pain" and embraced the opportunity to sponsor a promotion that boldly showcased the talents of women's MMA fighters.

Give credit where credit is due. Belinda Dunne is an enduring and true 'Champion' for the future of women's international MMA!

Remember, 'NZMMA, The more you know, the better it gets!"TM

Last Updated on Thursday, 11 April 2013

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